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Areas of Practice

General Litigation

Jin & Kim handles various types of cases involving diverse areas of the law. To mention a few, Jin & Kim has represented clients who have needed to either lodge or make defense against pre-judgment writs of attachment, garnishment and injunctions involving in rem actions. The suits that mostly follow these types of proceedings are called “Main Litigation” in Korean Civil Procedure, which is the lawsuit that will determine and adjudicate the merits of the case.


Labour Law

As general or outside counsel, Jin & Kim provides continuous legal services on employment law to its existing clients. Employment issues such as severance, termination of contract, and pension always come up on an annual basis. As such, the labor law of Korea is often changes in order to better adapt to the ever-changing work force and environment. Our attorneys always strive to stay on top of the updated law in order to provide the comprehensive legal services that our clients demand and deserve.


Intellectual Property

Working in conjunction with Kim & Partners of Seoul, the patent attorneys, as close partners, Jin & Kim provides variety of legal services related to patent, copyright, and other intellectual property law.


Real Estate Law

Korean property law can be quite different from other countries when it comes to lease of apartments and office buildings. Jin & Kim has handled various complex land disputes and property claims. Jin & Kim also provides transactional work related to real estate acquisition and sale.


Corporate Counseling

Jin & Kim provides corporate legal services to the Korean and international companies located in Korea and overseas. Some of the work involves preparation of various corporate documents necessary for corporate filings required by the law.


Immigration Law

Expat employees who are in Korea on various different types of visas (D-7, E-2, F-2) have come to Jin & Kim for renewals and objecting deportations. For obtaining of visa, Jin & Kim has worked closely with the Korean Immigration Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for preparation and filing of relevant documents.

Maritime Law

From arrest of ships to judicial auctions, Jin & Kim boasts a solid reputation when it comes to the practice of maritime law. Jin & Kim’s practice also involves recording of ship mortgages, complex maritime actions involving marine accidents and ship arrests.


Foreign Investment

Our firm provides various legal, administrative services involving foreign investment overseas. This has been possible through the firm’s close network of other affiliated law firm and consultant in and around the world. Through the firm’s expertise and efforts, our clients have enjoyed successful foreign investments such as M&A of foreign companies, establishment of subsidiaries and branch offices overseas, etc. Our international clients have also successfully made investments in Korea through assisting them in the same manner, through foreign direct investments.



Jin & Kim as successfully represented its clients in Korean and international arbitration. In Korea, the arbitration is mostly held at the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. Our attorneys have solid experiences in other international arbitration case in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and United States.


Banking and Business Law

Claims and transactional work related to banking and financial securities is one of the specializations of Jin & Kim. Business and individuals in Korea and around the world have come to Jin & Kim for various legal work associated with this area of the law.


Criminal Law

Our attorneys have vast amount of experiences in criminal defense for their clients. Some of the representations involved possession of narcotics, contra band which led to arrests, seizures, and detentions.

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